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AAISP to investigate using http://www.digitalregion.co.uk/ for internet access

BT have removed the predicted date of March 2011 for the upgrade to 21CN for my exchange suggesting that it will be a long time before I see faster speeds (annoying as I live close to the exchange and could get much better speeds if the exchange was enabled). Digital region (http://www.digitalregion.co.uk) are installing 25Mb+ access to 97% of South Yorkshire and currently only 4 ISPs are signed up to provide access via this new network. There is an opportunity for AAISP to sign up to this entwork and provide internet access to the 1.29m residents in South Yorkshire.

Simon , 23.11.2010, 12:44
Idea status: in process


Richard, 15.03.2012, 11:02
At the moment Virgin Media or Digital Region are my only options for >2Mbps speeds in Sheffield. All the Digital Region ISPs are mediocre compared to A&A, and I really don't want to give up the quality of service I get from you guys, but I have to consider moving as the family complain a lot about the speed.

The recent PEW that took down all Sheffield 20CN and 21CN lines affected 2% of AAISP customers (http://status.aa.net.uk/apost.cgi?incident=1442). There are a lot of us in this city and I'm sure many would switch to the faster network if AAISP were to offer it.
aaisp, 24.07.2012, 15:11
We are re-investigating this at the moment, and may have news shortly.
aaisp, 24.09.2012, 13:47
We should be able to provide this very soon, ie in a few weeks time.
Tim, 25.09.2012, 13:02
The people from fluidata had some options for this.
aaisp, 25.09.2012, 13:05
Yes, we're working with them on this.
aaisp, 09.05.2013, 08:59
It turns out that there are some complications with getting access - if people are interested, then please do email in.
aaisp, 21.06.2013, 11:07
We are again, investigating this as a possibility. More information in a week!

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