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Reward for recommending new customers

Offer some sort of small reward for recommending new customers who sign-up

ml , 25.10.2010, 09:13
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 20.12.2013
We do appreciate that customers do recommend us to their friends and colleagues. We get good reviews on various 'review' type web sites, twitter etc, and are thankful to customers when they do.

However, does adding a monetary value to it make the recommendation less meaningful? ie, would you then be recommending us because you'll get a kick back, or because you genuinely so recommend us? -- interested in comments :-)
Idea status: in process


aaisp, 03.12.2010, 08:32
We are discussing this internally.
ct, 24.06.2011, 08:02
This has been a long internal discussion :)
aaisp, 24.06.2011, 08:09
Hmm, yes it has! We did talk about it at the time... I'll bring it up again!
tgreer, 14.01.2012, 03:36
Any update on this?
ct, 09.11.2012, 08:22
come on guys...
Tim, 16.05.2013, 12:45
Are you still considering a reward system for recommending new customers ?
Seems like this has been simmering for a long time.
Jake, 12.09.2013, 18:36
Any update? If it's not going to happen why not just say? Makes having a ideas board a bit pointless if you never use it!
ct, 03.12.2013, 08:16
seriously - no movement

As jake said, there are plenty of good ideas here and most of them have had no update for a long time.
badmandon, 20.12.2013, 09:01
Ain't that hard chaps, £25 in credit for recommending a customer.
aaisp, 20.12.2013, 14:27
We'll review this again in January...
M, 27.12.2013, 22:57
£25 is clearly excessive.

Maybe something funny like a permanent +5 to data cap per customer recommended. Naked bribery looks tacky and besides, it's clearly not necessary.
Dave, 30.12.2013, 15:09
I'd agree that £25 flat would probably be excessive. A small discount each month that the recommended customer stays feels more realistic - if you a couple of peopel join on your recommendation and stay for some time that could soon add up but you are not getting a large one-off thankyou for a recommendation that lasts a quarter..

A bit of a bandwidth unit per month (for those on the traditional unit based plans) each month that they stay might also be sensible.

Though to be honest I tend to not actively use referral schemes. If I have referrer someone and they ask for my username so they can put me down as their referrer then all good, but being less passive than that (especially publicly posting affiliate links and such) feels like I'm selling my opinion.
chrisl, 02.04.2014, 21:14
How about both the recommender and the new customer each get a tenner off their next bill.
Roger the Dod, 02.06.2014, 15:13
I have recommended and configured AA loads, both professionally and personally. I don't expect any kind of return for doing so. Likely, I would have to state that my personal interest in a company using AA would be that I'm getting a kickback. This does not sound professional to me.
Christopher Jenkins, 03.08.2014, 17:13
As a soon to be customer, really doesn't bother me. I was explaining to some colleagues, the type of customer that wants the cheapest offer isn't the type of customer that is willing to/or understands why they would pay for a better service.

Personally if you're using AA, it's because they have an exceptional reputation and don't try to woo new customers, after reading reviews and fixing many friends connections, BT/Virgin/Sky/Be over the years, paying to talk to a UK engineer is the reward I want and pay for.

Put it into context, how much is your time worth?
If you have a problem and the 3 hours you're on the phone to BT, even at min wage thats ~£20. If AA can do that in 20mins and actually know what they are talking about and fix it without needing to be called every day then it more than adds up to any monetary "reward".
cariadeccleston, 09.08.2015, 11:37
Personally, I wouldn't support this. I've been burned recently by people "recommending" a mobile network to me which turned out to be awful -- but they got their referral rewards anyway.

I'd prefer the money was kept and invested in the network, rather than spent as bribes to get more customers!
aaisp, 09.08.2015, 20:28
cariadeccleston, This is pretty much our view on this which is why this 'Idea' has been rather stagnant, many agree on this and we really do appreciate our many loyal customers who do recommend us....
Possible new customer, 06.10.2016, 12:31
... I'd be against this: much nicer if we know all recommendations are selfless. As a potential new customer, I first looked into your services because several engineers I know recommended you. Kind regards.

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