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KCI digest mode with configurable delay

I have four lines and with so many lines my wife gets eight messages for a down, up event sometimes. Four down messages, one per line, and four up messages.

What about having a ‘digest option’ for KCI, as used in some email lists, message boards or whatever, so we get one combined notification that covers multiple line and possibly multiple events per line? A configurable delay would allow batching to be possible. A delay of a second or so might be enough to catch events across multiple lines, and that would cut the number of messages by a maximum factor of four in my case.

Typically, for me, it would need a delay of just over two minutes to catch a whole group of down-up event pairs, and that delay would not be good, but that would cut the number of messages by a factor of eight in the maximal case. For emails though the timeliness is not important for some users anyway, especially for users who do not have push email and have to poll on a longish timer, or who only recheck manually, and for users who simply don’t check their email that often. So a long delay like that _would_ be something that a user could reasonably choose. But having different delays per notification communications medium type perhaps complicates the implementation of the code and the UI too. So that probably isn’t worth doing.

Cecil Ward , 05.12.2018, 09:16
Idea status: under consideration


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