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Moons ona stick, this is to compliment the ponies

TonyHolye, 15.10.2010, 14:22
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221 votes Vote

Reward for recommending new customers

Offer some sort of small reward for recommending new customers who sign-up
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 20.12.2013
We do appreciate that customers do recommend us to their friends and colleagues. We get good reviews on various 'review' type web sites, twitter etc, and are thankful to customers when they do.

However, does adding a monetary value to it make the recommendation less meaningful? ie, would you then be recommending us because you'll get a kick back, or because you genuinely so recommend us? -- interested in comments :-)
ml, 25.10.2010, 09:13
160 votes Vote

Have an AAISP looking glass, so that I can see the state of the BGP world from AAISP's perspective

There are occasions when routing to a site appears to be completely and utterly insane, and it's not always obvious which ISP is responsible. A BGP looking glass giving skilled users the chance to interrogate the BGP tables at interesting...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
This is in our engineering team's queue.
Simon Farnsworth, 07.03.2011, 10:56
114 votes Vote

Pro-actively notify users about terms and price changes

A recent status update informs us "We can change terms and prices at any time and we update our web site with the changes." It appears that the recommended method for becoming aware of these changes is to monitor the A&A website. Possible...
mstevens, 15.10.2010, 10:24
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98 votes Vote

Limit downstream line rate at peak times

The bandwidth on FTTC allows for a lot of units to be used very quickly at peak times, so it should be possible to configure a different line rate for peak/off peak/night. There would be the option to use the actual line rate for each period...
Simon Arlott, 22.10.2010, 16:27
83 votes Vote

Helpful shading on usage graphs

Rather than show day/twilight/night on the usage graphs, it would be far more helpful to overlay peak/off-peak
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
This is in our engineering team's queue.
Simon Hodgson, 24.12.2010, 10:48
74 votes Vote

Voicemail outgoing message upload

At present if you want to change the outgoing message, you can only do so by reading it out live over the phone, not uploading a previously recorded message. Possible Solution: Ability to upload MP3s (or other formats) of an outgoing...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
This is being worked on.
wturrell, 15.10.2010, 10:29
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70 votes Vote

Time Limit when IP is routed

With the lower unit cost of overnight usage it would be good if the control panel was updated so that you could specify an IP address and the time (start and stop) when it would be routable. That way if a large download was run overnight we could...
dabbishaw, 15.10.2010, 10:28
66 votes Vote

Have the option to vote against stupid ideas

be able to vote for or against an idea
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 05.01.2011
This has been suggested: http://useridea.rc.idea.informer.com/proj/?ia=1156 - please vote there for the idea, thanks!
Iain, 26.12.2010, 22:24
65 votes Vote

buy a single Unit

Particularly on a BE circuit, I do not need two usage Units per month. In fact I constantly carry-forward two Units which I do not and will not use. So I am paying £3.60 ex VAT for something that has no utility to me, which I don't think is The...
Buntor, 01.02.2011, 18:19
62 votes Vote

specify firewall rules to block IPs on the internet side of ADSL link, rather than on the consumer side, using an API that can be interfaced to local snort/fail2ban-like functionality

At the moment IPs can be block (only on test LNS?) when requested. So there's a manual step in the "detect IP senidng too much undesired traffic... cause it to be blocked" process. It would be cool if that could be automated so that the blocking...
benc, 03.06.2011, 14:07
62 votes Vote

automatically charge for extra units

i won't be able to predict when i need 100gb overnight or 500gb, or 2gb daytime v.s. 50gb. Can't you just charge me for the units i used instead of asking me to predict them up front? i know you're quite considerate when people exceed usage from...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 28.11.2012
We do this on the Home::1 tariff http://aa.net.uk/broadband-home1.html
rob al, 24.06.2011, 03:59
53 votes Vote

On the clueless graphs, use shading to indicate the billing rate (2GB, 100GB, 1TB, etc) rather than the state of the sun

Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
This is in our queue - we'll look to add peak/off peak shading.
Ian Lynagh, 22.02.2011, 14:45
1 comment
48 votes Vote

Stop using "Sizzle CSS Selector Engine"

The way you're using this makes status.aaisp.net.uk unusable, luckily that's ignorable as there's another way to get the information using RSS. Now you've added it to editnumber.cgi on clueless so that's become unuseable as most of the options...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 20.10.2010
We'll pass this on to our web guys.
Iain, 19.10.2010, 20:05
46 votes Vote

happy hour

It would be nice if Home::1 had a "happy hour", where customers get an hour at a designated time each day (individual to the account to allow load spreading) where downloads are unmetered.
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
This has been suggested by a few people, and is being considered.
sthen, 08.04.2015, 16:25
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45 votes Vote

TLS support for SIP service

Please consider implementing TLS support on the SIP platform. I recently installed "Bria" on my iDevice so I could use it as a wi-fi SIP handset, the problem with iDevices is they have a tendency to jump on any Wi-Fi network that has the same...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
We only support UDP at the moment, this will probably change in the future though.
Matthew, 30.12.2012, 16:37
42 votes Vote

Customised Support RSS Feed

At the moment, the RSS feed from the support site (http://status.aaisp.net.uk/atom.cgi) contains a lot of auto-detected incidents that aren't relevant to my line(s). Since you know which lines are linked to my account, it'd be great if I could...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 13.12.2010
We are working on better integration between services on clueless and the status page
rmc47, 15.10.2010, 10:37
42 votes Vote

Be alerted if a line is down for a certain length of time

Some of my lines are iffy due to circumstances out of the control of me, AAISP or BT, for example customers having dodgy wiring that they're content to stick with. I want to know when these lines go offline, but only if they stay offline, rather...
Adam Piggott, 22.11.2010, 17:01
1 comment
40 votes Vote

Be able to filter incoming numbers

It would be nice if you could add selected numbers to be either ignored completely, sent to voicemail or sent to the honey trap. I used to do this on my own server but my mobile is called directly by AAISP bypassing that mechanism. For bonus...
Tony Hoyle, 25.02.2011, 17:04
1 comment
39 votes Vote

Have an 0200-0600 hrs period on Home:1

I suggest something similar to the super-off peak period available on other products to be added to Home:1 (perhaps unmetered, or an additional 50GB usage in this timeslot).
Mike Clements, 22.12.2012, 21:01
37 votes Vote

Clean up the editline clueless page

Clueless's editline.cgi page is suffering from a mixture of links and buttons in an increasingly unintuitive and counter-productive manner. I'm not opposed to "buttons", or a change of the layout. The extra features that have been added over the...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
We've done some work on tidying the page. There is more to be done though...
_aD, 18.01.2012, 09:28
34 votes Vote

have the "Logout" option on clueless take you back to the login page.

The "Logout" option on the clueless management pages currently takes you to the A&A home page which seems a bit odd. It seems to me that it would be more useful to take you back to the clueless login page. This would certainly be more useful to me...
kiwi_uk, 26.10.2010, 12:19
33 votes Vote

Support direct SMS (withe an AAISP number) when using SIP2SIM

The motivation (and back-end needed) for doing your own thing with SIP (SIP2SIM) and SMS (delivery by HTTP) are quite different - often you want one without the other. Currently, you can take control over SMS while using AAISP direct routing...
Andrew Gordon, 01.03.2011, 09:18
1 comment
33 votes Vote

AAISP should actually use the ideas board

It is a bit pointless having an ideas board if you never implement any of the 'ideas' :)
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
We do try :-) Not everything is possible, but we'll try harder to update ideas that have been posted.
Jake, 13.07.2014, 19:37
32 votes Vote

have a ticket tracking system so I can see the status of my tickets with A&A, whether A&A consider they're still open, etc

Add a ticket tracking system so we can tell what's going on with tickets - history, status, whether they're still open, etc.
Michael Stevens, 22.12.2011, 12:07
32 votes Vote

Include a night-time tariff on the Home::1 package

The Home::1 package has a fixed download allowance each month which is much simpler than other tariffs and great for home users, but there is no incentive to schedule large downloads at times when the network has low utilisation. I could schedule...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
This has been suggested by a few people, and is being considered.
Simon, 14.08.2014, 01:05
1 comment
31 votes Vote

Add Firewall Options to Clueless

It would be very useful to have firewalling options on Clueless, this means that if being attacked/DDos etc traffic can be blocked before our lines so that they don't get swamped. AAISP Could also provide canned policy for people that are too...
dabbishaw, 11.04.2013, 10:46
29 votes Vote

Please allow usage allowance on one account to be used and shared across multiple premises (different addresses). This would allow easier control panel monitoring and shared data usage.

A configuration of one account, one usage allowance, but multiple line rentals (one or more for each premesis) would allow each line and usage to be viewed from the one control panel. And allow customers a more effective way of sharing their usage...
Murray Scott, 06.12.2011, 16:51
28 votes Vote

AAISP to investigate using http://www.digitalregion.co.uk/ for internet access

BT have removed the predicted date of March 2011 for the upgrade to 21CN for my exchange suggesting that it will be a long time before I see faster speeds (annoying as I live close to the exchange and could get much better speeds if the exchange...
Simon, 23.11.2010, 12:44
27 votes Vote

Be notified of lines where sync has fallen below FTR

I'd like to be notified of lines which have: Synced below FTR Synced at or have a BRAS anything lower than X rate - as some of my lines are very stable and should never sync lower than certain amounts Consistently had their SNR increased or...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 23.11.2010
It's a bit hard for us check sync rate on all lines as that involved running BT status tests, and we're limited to the number of tests we can run.

However, we do currently email when a line reaches a 135K BRAS rate, and perhaps that could be modified so that it emailed on a pre-defined BRAS rate, or perhaps one determined automatically based on the first ever BRAS rate we get from BT.

We'll discuss internally to see what would be best.
Adam Piggott, 22.11.2010, 16:26

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