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Review Home::1 tariff allowance

According to AA website - "OFCOM produce reports on UK broadband activities and in 2014, on average, households download 51GB per month". It's 2016 and internet world has moved on. With 2016 video streaming services that are getting more and...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 29.02.2016
Hello, we have been working on higher usage tariffs - you mention the Home::1T service with its 1TB of usage. This is on 1 year terms due to it being VDSL and us being passed on the same minimum term. We hope to have an ADSL variant in the near future and this would probably have a much shorter minimum term. Increasing the usage every 2 years would be great if our suppliers did likewise :-) (Point taken though)
Bart Swedrowski, 28.02.2016, 09:02
25 votes Vote

Be notified of lines where sync has fallen below FTR

I'd like to be notified of lines which have: Synced below FTR Synced at or have a BRAS anything lower than X rate - as some of my lines are very stable and should never sync lower than certain amounts Consistently had their SNR increased or...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 23.11.2010
It's a bit hard for us check sync rate on all lines as that involved running BT status tests, and we're limited to the number of tests we can run.

However, we do currently email when a line reaches a 135K BRAS rate, and perhaps that could be modified so that it emailed on a pre-defined BRAS rate, or perhaps one determined automatically based on the first ever BRAS rate we get from BT.

We'll discuss internally to see what would be best.
Adam Piggott, 22.11.2010, 16:26
24 votes Vote

VoIP Routing Rules

With the new SIP platform now up and running, would it be possible to be able to implement a few different rules for calling? Something I'd like to be able to do is have a blacklist of numbers (eg telesales) that forwards the call on to a...
markp, 15.10.2010, 10:26
23 votes Vote

Proactive alerts on lines with high latency

I would like to see the ability to notify us if a line has high latency, this would be really useful for VOIP lines as obviously the call quality can be very poor! We could also have the option to route traffic down a second line until the...
jamiewatson69, 15.10.2010, 10:32
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22 votes Vote

email alert to notify when heavy packet loss happens

This would help identify problems before end customers complain of slow internet browsing.
Si-Ming Lee, 12.01.2011, 09:25
21 votes Vote

Submit DS records via the control pages for inclusion in the .uk domain when using DNSSEC

The .uk zone has been signed since March 2010. I've been signing zones registered via A&A using ISC's DLV service for some time. It would be good to actually get secure delegation from the root for at least some of my domains -- which means...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 02.03.2011
DNSSEC is on our engineering to-do list. We have a few other projects to complete first, but we are keen to provide full DNSSEC support.
Matthew Seaman, 24.02.2011, 19:49
21 votes Vote

Automatically update #a&a topic to indicate office open/closed

Have something (a bot?) update the topic on the #a&a IRC channel automatically based on office hours. Currently it says "Say 'staff' for attention" at all times. It would be useful to change this topic when staff are not in the office to...
David-T, 02.02.2013, 12:42
21 votes Vote

Data bundles on SIM cards

Having L2TP handoff and UK network roaming is very appealing, but for those who also use their SIMs for streaming music, 2p/MB is expensive. 1GB is 20GBP/month, 4GB is 80GBP/month. Would it be possible to offer prepaid data bundles, perhaps on...
Adam, 03.10.2016, 02:18
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20 votes Vote

Create a widget for usage and throughput

Have to login to control panel to see usage etc. Would be nice to see on a windows desktop widget or app.
imnotreallythere, 15.10.2010, 10:39
19 votes Vote

Email to SMS option on clueless

A lot of techs have various programs will email automatically for various reasons. Some of these emails are important enough to want immediate notification. Since we have email with A&A and the SMS we use is with A&A, it seems a bit odd to...
cheeseandham, 15.10.2010, 10:35
19 votes Vote

Set all the clueless graphs on a multi-line site to the same scale.

It would be good to be able to set the scale of all the graphs on a multi-line site to the same scale. I've had occasion to hunt out a mystery data dribble on a line, only to discover that the scale is different because its line speed is not as...
J Higgins, 22.12.2010, 06:39
19 votes Vote

A new website design with a member centre, ticketing system and more

Why not catch up with the competition and upgrade the website?
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
We've a new support site: https://support.aa.net.uk
We hope to re-vamp the main web site this year too...
Peter Murphy, 29.04.2012, 08:49
19 votes Vote

pay £5 for 50gb extra on home::1, £10 for 100gb is too much and i never use more than 10-20gb of it.

Charles Calthrop, 24.01.2014, 17:26
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18 votes Vote

Allow your customers to configure different outgoing VOIP messages depending on the time of day / day of week

I'd like to be able to tell my customers that they are calling out of hours OR that all our 'lines' are busy depending on when they are calling.
Andrew Fear, 18.10.2010, 16:37
17 votes Vote

have the per IP stats working again

It has been 'being looked into' for 3 months now :( I find this really useful data to have, especially when I see a high usage period. It enables me to see which IP is causing the high usage, and allow me to fix it. Especially useful as I don't...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 01.05.2013
We are aware of this, and are working on it still - unfortunately other tasks have needed to take priority. However, we did find this data very useful too and do want it back ASAP :)
Keith Ballard, 15.03.2013, 20:23
16 votes Vote

Translate things like "21CN-BRAS-RED7-MQD" on status updates to something meaningful

Although strings like "21CN-BRAS-RED7-MQD" are meaningful to those in the know, they don't mean anything to the rest of us. It would be far more useful if instead of (or as well as) the identifier[1], status updates contained details of either the...
Tony Green, 10.07.2012, 12:42
16 votes Vote

Include the phone number in the test line automated response

When a user has a broadband only line, any outgoing phone calls get redirected to the test message which does not mention the phone number. While I accept that a broadband only line shouldn't really have a phone number, it is still used to...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 10.06.2015
The reason for us not showing the phone number in places is because we are selling this as a 'copper pair' only and not providing telephone services. Removing the telephone number makes it more obvious that it is not a telephone service. Much line in the old days of SDSL where a phone line was used to provide the service, but the number was unknown. We are using normal BT features on the line, it is just that engineers are not used to them. We suspect that this will become more commonplace as the demand using a copper line to make phone calls falls.

So as to help engineers with the installation and fault process we will look in to changing the message to include the telephone number when the line is in a fault/install condition.
Deanna, 08.06.2015, 11:07
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16 votes Vote

Gigaclear.com are coming to my area and I'd like AAISP to become a reseller of gigaclear services so that I don't have to leave AAISP...

Gigaclear provide cheap FTTP for rural communities in places where often BT only offer 20CN services and there are no other network choices. I'd like AAISP to become a gigaclear wholesale provider so that I can stick with AAISP but get up to...
Andy Juniper, 03.09.2015, 22:58
15 votes Vote

Become an ENUM registrar

AAISP could become a Nominet-accredited ENUM registrar, allowing customers to pay a small fee and register their phones in the real UK ENUM. http://www.nominet.org.uk/enum/registrars/becomeregistrar/ Advantages: Provide a useful service (nobody...
NinjaJon, 08.02.2011, 23:33
14 votes Vote

give feedback on IPv6 compatible hardware

A while back your web site said you were looking for hardware manufacturers to provide reasonably priced IPv6-compatible hardware. I've just tried a Billion Bipac 7800N. Upgraded to the latest firmware (1.06d) it seems to support IPv6 very...
John Winters, 29.05.2011, 08:21
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14 votes Vote

Be notified of regrades or other orders

Two of my lines were recently "regraded" by BT and subsequently had their speeds cut from 8Mbps to 2Mbps. Nobody placed an order, nor was this any migration. I wouldn't have noticed this if I hadn't happened to have checked the open tasks on my...
_aD, 24.02.2012, 13:13
14 votes Vote

add DS (DNSSEC delegation signer) records to reverse DNS zones

Now that normal .uk zones support DS records via clueless, it would be nice if A&A could sign their reverse zones from RIPE (ip6.arpa. and in-addr.arpa.) and allow users to specify DS records alongside NS records.
David-T, 01.07.2012, 17:37
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14 votes Vote

Email notification of exchange upgrades

Would be nice to be notified when your local exchange gets an upgrade, either new BT service or additional LLU services that AAISP support. For example BT have announced an upgrade to FTTC in my area in 2013, but have not given a date.
RH, 29.12.2012, 12:08
14 votes Vote

Support SIP SMS

Some VOIP clients now are supporting SIP SMS. It would be nice if AA could gateway SMS to and from VOIP in this way. AQL support it, if it helps - http://www.aql.com/site/sms-via-sip.php
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
We'll look in to it, thanks
Tony Hoyle, 21.04.2015, 14:17
13 votes Vote


It would be great to be able to create/update DNS records via Chaos or a similar API. The prevalence of Let's Encrypt certificates and the ability to automate verification with DNS API would make such a service very attractive, even if it was...
jamiem, 17.07.2018, 14:09
12 votes Vote

Email a copy of messages sent via web contact form

When someone contacts you via the web contact form it would be helpful if they received a copy of their message for their future reference.
_aD, 01.11.2011, 16:28
1 comment
12 votes Vote

When changing address, prompt to inform accounts

When a service is moved to a different address the user should be made aware that they should inform accounts as well, if their billing address will be changing.
_aD, 01.11.2011, 16:18
12 votes Vote

VoIP equivalent of BT's "Choose to Refuse"

BT offer a service called 'Choose to Refuse'. It's overpriced (£3.25 a month), has arbitrary limits (10 numbers maximum, oldest drops off when new added) and has a horrible UI (you have to phone up and listen through long menus). It is...
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 09.05.2013
We are doing some VoIP development at the moment, this is being considered.
William Turrell, 06.10.2012, 19:45
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12 votes Vote

Add a "borrow" option to Home::1 Quota options

At the moment the Quota options for Home::1 are Block, Slow or Auto bill, explained here: http://wiki.aa.org.uk/Home::1 Add a new option called "Borrow" which allows a Home::1 user to use up to 20GB from the following month's allowance, which...
chrisl, 01.04.2014, 20:34
11 votes Vote


An "anti-premium" option during peak which drops packets to those lines first so that only "spare" capacity is used in the event of sustained unwanted traffic. This would help the customer (as the "at cost" value of the usage would be lower) and...
Simon Arlott, 22.10.2010, 16:30

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