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Clean up the editline clueless page

Clueless's editline.cgi page is suffering from a mixture of links and buttons in an increasingly unintuitive and counter-productive manner. I'm not opposed to "buttons", or a change of the layout. The extra features that have been added over the years have been very useful, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to easily find the feature I'm looking for.

I do not think that any buttons are needed at all and are currently serving to muddy the previously clean, efficientl layout. Links are easier to find especially if they are intuitively grouped together. The way the buttons are implemented is also counter-productive - I cannot, for example, middle-click the "Log" link and have it open in a new window, whilst navigating other features.

I'm also sure that the increased use of screen area that the buttons use may hinder users on mobile devices.

_aD, 18.01.2012, 09:28
Response from the site administrator
aaisp, 21.04.2015
We've done some work on tidying the page. There is more to be done though...
Idea status: in process


rmc47, 27.01.2012, 16:06
Agreed. At the moment, there's a lot of (really wonderful - thank you!) tools and info on there, but it falls into several groups:

1) Stuff I look at on a regular basis:
-- Graphs
-- Usage data

2) Stuff I can configure, probably very occasionally:
-- Interleaving
-- LNS reset
-- etc (most of the settings on the page)

3) Stuff I'm interested in when something breaks:
-- Logs
-- LNS reset
-- Diagnostic tests

So for 90% of my visits to the page, I'm looking for the "every day" stuff, normally the "usage" link. Every now and again, I want to see things in groups 2) and 3), but at the moment, I almost have to use the browser's "Find" functionality to find the Usage link in amongst everything else.

Like _aD, the tools you provide are wonderful, and I'd hate to lose them, but they're not for the most part an every day use case.

NAB, 23.02.2012, 19:52
Agreed. Has anybody sat and tried to use it as though they were a customer?

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