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Support direct SMS (withe an AAISP number) when using SIP2SIM

The motivation (and back-end needed) for doing your own thing with SIP (SIP2SIM) and SMS (delivery by HTTP) are quite different - often you want one without the other.

Currently, you can take control over SMS while using AAISP direct routing for the calls, but not vice-versa: once you select SIP2SIM, you are forced to handle the SMS yourself. In fact, the default setup gives you a flaky arrangement where outbound SMS from the phone is delivered with a null originator, and there's no way to reply.

It's almost possible with the current configuration scheme, by entering a suitable URL in the 'MO SMS URL' box, something like:


but this doesn't work (presumably due to the extra 'iccid' parameter that the outbound sms.cgi doesn't want).

Andrew Gordon , 01.03.2011, 09:18
Idea status: under consideration


Tony Hoyle, 30.06.2011, 17:41
I also want this for a standard forwarded number.

The main reason this doesn't work is you can't specify 'originator' - it just bounces it. If you could strip that somehow it'd work, but of course you'd lose the sender info!

I ended up bouncing through a small php script, which is suboptimal. I don't mind paying for the relay (same as I pay for the voice part), and it seems such a simple thing to add...

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